Homemade Survival Kit - Make Your Own Personal Survival Kit

Make your own homemade survival kit and you will know exactly what is in it and whether or not you will have what you need for your own unique situation.

Some folks prefer to simply buy a ready made survival kit and then personalize it.

By having a simple bugout bag checklist you will be able to take out of a 'ready made kit' what you don't need and replace it with your own survival items.

For instance, if you live in the Southern part of the states, there may not be much need for mylar blankets or winter type survival things, but you may want to add tons of bug spray!

Just for an example... :)

Imagine yourself in a scenario that you might find yourself in should anything happen, such as rioting (predicted) in the streets (in which case you might want a 72 hour kit)...economy collapse (also predicted) and if that happens you will need more of a 6 month type plan...or pandemic preparation for things such as the swine flu, (could happen overnight)...

Now, sit back, close your eyes and imagine yourself going thru every step of LIFE in that scenario and it will help you prepare your homemade survival kit better!

Basic, basic survival kit list:

This list is more of a 72 hour list for about 2 people...

2 large garbage bags (shelter or rain gear) OR 10'x10' sheet of plastic 100' parachute cord Emergency space blanket Metal cup (for cooking) Jello Lighter 2 candles Knife Whistle Compass Flashlight Stocking cap Spare socks

I did not add any kind of survival weapons to this list. There are several types of survival knives and survival rifles that can be added to any emergency pack. Especially the knives.

A good survival knife is extremely valuable in ANY situation!


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