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Glendora Boy Scout Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro
by Sandy Howlett
They say that when you climb a mountain, you don?t conquer it; you conquer yourself. Which is exactly what Bradley Witter, 15, from Boy Scout Troop 491 did when he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with his family this summer.

The first thing he had to conquer was his weight. Bradley, who admits he was a little overweight, took it seriously when his family physician told him he should lose 10 pounds, and also when he saw the detailed itinerary for the trip. With the help of his dad, Scott, who stopped buying snack foods and started packing sugar-free pudding and Jell-O in Bradley?s lunches, he lost 35 pounds.

"When I weighed in at the doctor?s office we were shocked. We looked at each other and started laughing,? Bradley recalls. ?I kept going [with the workouts], and the weight kept sliding off, and I realized that I was a lot better off, and the price wasn?t that much to pay.?
Location:Mt. Kilimanjaro Posted:2010-08-18 13:57:22

Venture Crew 491 Summits Shasta with Help from 3M and Outdoor Products
by Sandy Howlett
The wind had been hammering us for hours. Tent platforms had been dug into the snow providing a barrier to the North, but the wind seemed to be coming from all sides. At our base camp below Helen Lake at 10,250 the winds were a steady 50 mph, with gusts of 70 mph that cracked the tent like a whip. I thought about praying, but my tent mates assured me that they already had. The earplugs I brought dimmed the sound of ice pelting the tent, but I worried about the boys, and wanted to be able to hear, so I left them out and waited for the wind to stop. Our SWS Mountain Guide was knocked off his feet trying to secure our collapsing tent, and informed us of the obvious?we weren?t going to be summiting that day. We were due to wake up at 1 a.m., but were told to sleep (not likely), and that we would get another update at 7 a.m.
Date:Spring 2010 Location:Mt. Shasta Posted:2010-07-09 22:43:42

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